About The Products

MAngel Photos are available as high quality semi-gloss posters. They are also available as print on acrylic, canvas, paper board or wood panel. No matter which option on which you choose to display your new art, you can't go wrong.

This is a top selling MAngel photo printed as a poster on satin paper with a semi-gloss finish. The buyer attached it to her wall at work. 


For this option, a MAngel photo is mounted on a wood panel. The panel is black, high quality, attractive and versatile. It can be affixed to a wall or displayed on a shelf, table or desk.


This is a Special Edition MAngel Photo on 20x30 wood panel and displayed prominently on an office wall.


MAngel photo is printed on 1.3mm paperboard with a semi-gloss finish for this option. You can display as is on a desk, table or wall. You can also choose to purchase a frame or, better still, have it professionally framed.


This is MAngel image entitled “Hallway" printed on 16x20 paperboard displayed in an office.

This MAngel image, “Still Waters”, was sold as a 20x30 print on paperboard. The buyer then had it professionally framed and mounted to her wall at work.


Reminiscent of oil or acrylic paintings, the canvas option features a MAngel image printed on canvas and stretched onto a frame. The image extends over all sides and is completed with a matte finish.